K Gudi Wilderness Camp located in BR Hill, Karnataka is a unique blend of wildlife sanctury and hill station
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K GUDI Wilderness Camp Accommodation at the camp is clean, comfortable and non-ostentatious to merge with the environment. Guest can stay in any of the eight twin- bedded tended cottages (with attached baths) and three log- cabins on stilts.One can gaze across the distant hills and green valleys below and hear the call of wild from the tents and log-cabins. There are also two spacious rooms in Maharaja's Hunting Lodge for large groups.

At K.Gudi, dawn is greeted by chirping of the birds; Night is lit by hurricane lamps, all adding to the delightful experience amidst a perfect jungle setting.In fact, the camp uses solar power- that too, for a few hours after sun down.

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K GUDI Wilderness Camp Apart from well-appointed tents and log-cabins,K.Gudi camp has the Gol Ghar, an open-to- sides gazebo, which is the guests dining area.An ideal setting to enjoy your meal and shares wildlife experiences with other guests.

There are hammocks for your to laze ans soak in the sun, or simply take a snooze.

The camp's spacious audio-visual hall situated in the main bungalow provides an ideal setting for hosting meetings and conferences.The hall is also used to feature wildlife documentaries every evening before dinner.

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K GUDI Wilderness Camp Wildlife sighting at the sanctuary is consistent all year round.Thedeciduous,evergreen and grassland vegetation here offrers refuge to a variety of wildlife,Commonly sighted animals are gaur,spotteddeer,wild boar and elephants. It is the ideal habitat to spot leopards and sloth bears. There is also a chance of spotting the majestic tiger.The sanctuary is a home to more than 270 species of birds,including the scarlet minivet velvet-fronted nuthatch,gold- fronted chloropsis,lorikeet, malabarparakeet,haert-spotted woodpecker and malabar whistling thrush, making it a bird watcher's paradise.

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K GUDI Wilderness Camp Safaris in open-top jeep into the Biligiri Rangana Temple wildlife sanctuary- accompaniend by well-trained naturalist- are the best way to view wildlife here.The naturalist will interpert the sight and sounds of the forest to the guests.

Trekking inside the sanctuary is another exciting way to experience nature first-hand.Guided by local naturalists, who know the terrain well,guests can follow a trail which leads all the way up to the peaks of nearby hills.The views from a top the hill are astounding- with misty mountains and greenery spread across the terrain.Bird Watching enthusiasts can take short trails which abound with forest birds.

On a hilltop in the northwestern part of the sanctuary, is the temple of Rangaswamy(Lord Vishnu), which has been a pilgrimage canter for over 500 years. This is a popular spot with a stunning view. Another site worth visiting is the ancient Dodda Sampige Mara (a large Michelia Champaka tree), which is revered by local Soliga tribe.

In the evening, after a wildlife movie, you can warm yourself around a campfire and listen to the tales of the jungle told by naturalist and other guests- or share your exciting wildlife tales with them.

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K GUDI Wilderness Camp BR Hills is located in a rain shadow area receives its share of shower when the monsoon recedes during October and November. So, while in June to September are usually the wet months along the Western Ghats, it is very pleasant and green in BR hill during these months, making it the best time to visit the camp. During summer (April to mid-June) it is a wonderful retreat from the heat of the plains.BR hill offers salubrious climate during the rest of the year.

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K GUDI Wilderness Camp The food is sumptuous and delectable with a local flavor.The regular buffet includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine.

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